The G9 Touchscreen

The touchscreen on the G cameras is a mixed blessing.  NOTE THIS WELL.  When you use the viewfinder and the touchscreen has been rotated to its exposed position you may find that your NOSE rests on the touchscreen and will cause you no end of grief.  

The best solution is to either (a) remember to move your nose a little to the left so that it doesn’t rest on the touchscreen, (b) keep the touchscreen in the stowed position and inactive, or (c) turn off the touch operation in the Menu. 

A second best solution is to move the screen to a side position, and use a finger or thumb on your left hand to work the touchscreen, as shown in the figure:

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 12.11.15 PM

I WANT TO DISCOURAGE YOU FROM DOING THIS, HOWEVER.  The first rule for keeping a camera steady is to place your left hand under the lens, rest your left elbow against your body, and grip the camera with your right hand.  You can’t do that if you are following the figure.  Further, you will look like a newbie who doesn’t know how to use a camera.  

IF YOU MUST use the touchscreen while shooting try to use your right thumb while looking through the viewfinder.  It will take some getting used to controlling your right thumb with visual cues from the viewfinder, but it is possible, and this will leave your left hand free to hold the lens.

--© Robert Rose 2018