Function Lever

The Function Lever is a new feature for the G9, which will be very useful to serious shooters.  It has two positions which let you switch some setting on or off.  It is best explained in a Use Case.

Where Is It?

The Function Lever is located on the front of the camera, below the Lens Release button:

Function Lever

In the picture the Function Lever is set to Mode 1 (one dot); when you toggle the lever it changes to Mode 2 (two dots).

What Does It Switch?

The function that the lever switches must be set, and therein lies its usefulness.  For example, if you often switch bracketing on/off, the lever saves having to dig through the menus.  Your choices are:

AF Mode


Photo Style

Long Shtr NR


6K/4K PHOTO (Pre Burst)

Self Timer

Silent Mode

Shutter Type


Touch Screen

Touch Pad AF

Auto Review (Photo)


Night Mode

Front/Rear/Control Dial Lock


Restore to Default

How Do You Set It?

You only have to do this once, so don’t despair if it seems complicated.  Start in the Custom Settings Menu> Operations

Function Lever Menu 1s

When you select Operations the next host of operation settings appears.  Scroll to Fn Lever Setting, which is in the middle of page 3:

Function Lever Menu 2

Now you are presented with the list of functions shown above.  If you already have a function set, it will look like this:

Function Lever 3

If that is not what you want, then select the item with the center button on the cursor wheel (not with the back icon on the touch pad!) and you should see your options list:

Function Lever 4

The selections each have their own sub-menu specific to that function.  Let’s set two different possible choices.  First we will set a 5 image exposure bracket, then we will set a change in AF modes.

Scroll down to the middle of page 2 on the list of functions, and select bracket.  You should see a screen like this:

Function Lever 5

The first line shows that bracketing is assigned to the function lever, and the second line shows that it will be exposure bracketing.  By the way, whatever settings you have assigned to exposure bracketing in the Recording Menu will be used (e.g., 3, 5, or 7 images, etc.) here.  You can’t change those settings in this menu.  If you want to have the lever control some other bracketing, select line two, and you will see your choices (exposure, aperture, focus, white balance):

Function Lever 6

If you normally shoot with bracket ON, you can set the lever to OFF for Mode 2.  I would find that backwards and confusing, however.  In similar fashion you can set the lever to change to Auto Focus Mode to Tracking, and then the screen looks like this:

Function Lever 7


In Mode 1 you would use whatever the current AF Mode is set to (perhaps 225-area).  Switching the lever to Mode 2 then changes the AF Mode to tracking.

--© Robert Rose 2018